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Honest Review

So I was given a free bottle to write an honest review and although I'm not a huge fan of probiotic supplements or supplements in general, I gave it a shot because there's a lot of hype surrounding microbiome these days. This product overall was a great package, the packaging is neat and colorful and everything the brand is about seems great. They donate a percentage of their earnings to charity which is amazing as well. Overall, the product meets the criteria for helping with digestion as it does contain a lot of CFU, however, I wish it was one pill a day rather than two. I'd use them as a source of vitamins from now on though after I've seen what they're about.

have IBS

So I have IBS and I'm very cautious about the products I consume as they usually end up making my symptoms worse. This product seemed extremely natural and so I gave it a try. I actually ordered 7 bottles (only to avoid expiration) so I don't run out of this stuff or if they discontinue. Product is great and is one of the only probiotic or fermented products that actually help...I've tried many tinctures and kombucha and all that stuff...very noticeable difference in inflammation too.

found a new supplement

found a new go to brand for probiotics. very effective and @ half the cost of the one i usually buy, super easy switch. has been working for me and is noticeable. i have problems when i eat and sometimes gets in the way of my social life etc...especially beer. i drink beer without any stomach issues what so seems to calm my stomach regardless of what i eat and that's what good microbes do and what a probiotic should do. vitagrove actually works will probably test out other supplements they have too.

Seems to work

I purchased this bottle to see if it works, and on the first day felt nothing out of ordinary. On the second to about a week later, I started sort of a detox which was the intention, I know its clearing out the bad stuff. Foods that normally upset my stomach do not anymore and I'm having more regular movements. I'm definitely a long term customer since it does what it's supposed to - great product @ great price and fancy packaging too.

My Review Between 4 Brands

So I've been taking probiotics for years, powder, pill, drink, you name it. I think VitaGrove does very well with this one because of the fact that they blast the CFU (colony forming units) so it really does reach your gut.

Lets face it, low CFU probiotics don't work because by the time they do get to the stomach, they are all dead! However, if you compensate for it like VitaGrove (40 billion is really high and smart) then you will at least get some in your gut in order to populate properly.

My new go-to brand for supplements without a doubt, and the price is amazing considering most brands are 1.5x the price and do nothing.

Honest Review

I received this product for free along with many coupons to purchase future products.

Here it goes:
I've dabbled around in the supplement industry, tried many and I must admit this is an excellent choice.

It establishes a noticeable healthy environment in my gut and I can tell by my "movements" along with how I don't get cravings sent about by bad bacteria, such as sugar.

This is really good so far, and I will continue to use it and report back, but definitely my go to brand.

Helps my stomach

Really did help my stomach, I've used a lot of probiotics mostly from GNC (local store) and they're expensive yet either don't work or do the same thing, this is my go to probiotic from now on.

Good price for what u get

Came here for the deal, cheaper prices than most of the probiotic sups with 40 billion cfu.

ordered 2 bottles and already notice improviement in my digestion and irritable stomach, will come bak once finished with these

Curves Hunger

Usually, I'd be purchasing a probiotic strictly for the digestive purposes. For me, this was sort of a two in one in that it curved my normal hunger spikes (abnormal for me) and made me eat less GOOD!.

Will keep trying just to see if it's this or something else but I'm not taking anything else.

Goooood Stuff.

This is the one!

This is the one probiotic that doesn't hurt my stomach or cause me to have to go to the bathroom every hour after taking it, I guess that's considered the flushing aspect of any probiotic but this works - just without the annoying bathroom trips!

Would buy again.